About Us

About Prairie Rose Boarding Kennels

Each of our pets have their own special needs and vastly different personalities. We understand and appreciate that your pet too is unique. All pets that vacation with us have in common that their human companions want the best treatment and responsible care for their beloved pet. Prairie Rose Boarding Kennels provides that. We treat your pets as we would expect our own pets treated when we are on holidays.

We are confident that we provide a positive experience that makes your pet excited to come back!

About Lindsey (Owner)

I have had a passion for animals since I was young, working many years in the customer service industry before getting a certificate for Vet assistant. Wanting more flexible hours to have more time with my daughter Rylea, Prairie Rose seemed like the best of everything for my family.

Being able to provide a wonderful service to people and their “fur babies” is fulfilling my passion for animals while letting me be the mom I want to be for my daughter.

One of the best parts of my day is getting to see how excited the dogs get from walking in the door at the start of their stay, to playing with their friends and their owners when its time to leave.
We are very honored to be part of our clients and their pets lives.


I am a mother of 2 amazing children and 2 amazing dogs, and our other family members the fish, Shayman the hedgehog and our cat Penny.

I have had the pleasure of working at Prairie Rose for 8 years. The best part about working here is all the snuggles from our wonderful four legged clients. I love getting to know the individual personalities of our guests. I have watched some of our clients grow up and some of our clients grow old. I feel blessed to have the chance to share a small part of your animals life journey.


I have had a passion for animals from a young age. I was raised in a household with dogs, rats, turtles, fish, rabbits, frogs, toads and many other things! My dad would always be bringing something else home to my moms delight! It rubbed off on me and I was always coming home as a teen with an injured bird, stray cat or hedge hog in need. I also volunteered at my local humane society on school holidays.

I met my husband Ben in 1997 and we were married in Vegas in 2004, we lived in Nottingham England until October 2014 when Bens work brought us into Edmonton. We rented in St Albert until finding the perfect acreage here in Tofield and made the leap Halloween 2016. A week later we got our Collie / Rottie cross Fred and our family home was complete. I found myself for the first time being able to choose what I wanted to do for a job and when this came up I knew it was the perfect fit. Me and Fred love coming to work here and taking care of your pups!