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Prairie Rose Boarding Kennels

About Prairie Rose Boarding Kennels

11329817_867459999957003_3244097083366970593_nKennel operations are carefully supervised by our family pets: Birdie, Maggie, Gandolf, Brutus, Rosie, Marsha, MJ, and Mindy.

Each of our pets have their own special needs and vastly different personalities. We understand and appreciate that your pet too is unique. All pets that vacation with us have in common that their human companions want the best treatment and responsible care for their beloved pet. Prairie Rose Boarding Kennels provides that. We treat your pets as we would expect our own pets treated when we are on holidays.

We are confident that we provide a positive experience that makes your pet excited to come back!

About Owner Amy Porter

Animal welfare and health has been an interest since childhood. Working with animal rescue was so rewarding that when Prairie Rose came up for sale in 2006, I realized that what I loved to do could become be a career too!

Watching the dogs play off leash with each other is the best part of my day. I am excited each day to spend time with your dogs. My business allows me to be home with my pets as well as provide a safe and happy place for your pets too; life doesn’t get much better than that!

I continue to do volunteer work with a number of local rescue groups. It is a wonderful feeling to connect a homeless pet with their perfect new family.