We have done our best to create a website that satisfies our clients’ needs. With that goal in mind, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions. If you do not find the answer to your question here, contact us.

What To Bring:

What must I bring with my pet?
[A] A copy of your pet’s current vaccination records, any medications/supplements, and a buckle collar.

Can I bring toys and bedding?
[A] You are welcome to bring any items you feel will make your pet’s stay more comfortable. All items should be clearly labeled and washable. Any items are left at your own risk. We can provide bedding at no additional charge.

Do I need to bring dishes?
[A] No. We provide stainless steel dishes during their stay.

Should I bring food?
[A] You can provide your pet’s regular food or you may also purchase food from Acana, Orijen or Legacy Pet Food. House food, Acana Chicken and Greens Formula, can also be provided for an additional daily charge.

Do I bring litter for my cat?
[A] We provide clumping clay cat or pine pellet litter. If your cat requires different litter, it will be necessary for you to provide your own.

Does my pet need a collar?
[A] We prefer that your pet wear a collar during their stay. We require that it be a buckle collar rather than a pinch/choke type. For the safety of your pet, harness or pinch/choke type collars are removed for the duration of their stay. If you do not have a buckle collar, you can purchase one from out retail store.

Is a leash required?
[A] Pets need to come and go on a leash or in a kennel. We will send your leash home with you once they are safely checked into their room.

During Your Pet’s Stay:

Will my pet’s medication schedule be maintained?
[A] Absolutely! Please provide written instructions along with medications/supplements. There is no additional charge to administer medication.

How much exercise will my pet get?
[A] There are two 1-acre fenced exercise areas for the dogs to enjoy. Cats have spacious activity rooms in which to play. Cat play stations are provided for each kennel.

Can my dog socialize with other dogs?
[A] That is at your discretion with written permission. We assume no responsibility for injury, loss or damage sustained. Of course, we will at all times exercise due diligence, care, and caution.

My dog is not good with other dogs, is that a problem?
[A] Not a problem at all. Pets who prefer independent time will receive the same amount of exercise.

Do you walk the dogs?
[A] No. We offer two large, fully fenced yards for your pet to enjoy off-leash playtime.

About the Facility:

How large are the kennels?
[A] There are three different sizes; 46″ x 84″, 42″ x 72″, and 60″ x 108″.

How high is the fence?
[A] The fence is securely mounted and 7 feet high with an additional 2 foot overhang for extra security. The perimeter is reinforced with concrete to prevent the possibility of tunneling out.

Will you feed a “raw” diet?
[A] Yes. We have a freezer on site. We also distribute Legacy Pet Food products.

Are grooming services available?
[A] Yes. Bowser’s Pet Grooming is onsite to pamper your pet.

Do you offer daycare services?
[A] Yes, we offer daycare services seven days per week. Daycare drop off is available from 7:00 AM on for your convenience.


Does my pet need a reservation?
[A] Yes. How far in advance you should book is dependent on the time of year. Some timeframes are busier than at others. It is good practice to book your pet’s vacation at the same time as you book your own.

Which vaccinations are required?
[A] All dogs are required to have their DHPP and rabies. Bordatella is optional.
Cats require Viral Rhinotracheitis (FVR), Calicivirus (FCV), Panleukopenia (FPL) and rabies.
Please bring a copy of your pet’s current vaccination certificate. You can also have your vet fax a copy to (780) 662-3638.
We recommend that you have all vaccines done at least one week prior to boarding so that you can observe your pet for any adverse reactions.

Does my pet have to be spayed/neutered to board?
[A] No. Being spayed/neutered is not a condition of boarding.

Are there any breeds that you do not accept?
[A] We welcome all breeds.


Will the information I provide go outside of Prairie Rose Boarding Kennels?
[A] We do not distribute client information to third parties. The only exception to this policy is if your pet were to require veterinarian services and information on file is required to properly care for your pet.

We do take photos of pets at play and post them to our Facebook page, website and/or promotional materials. If you would prefer that your pet not appear in any of our promotional materials, please let us know and we will honour that request.