Cat Grooming

Our cat grooming services are brought to you by Bowser’s Pet Grooming

cat_grooming_albertaCats need grooming much like dogs do. They have natural oils that build up on their skin and can cause them unpleasant odor and discomfort with itchy skin irritations such as dandruff. Cats can begin to feel oily and greasy to the touch if left untreated. Simple cat grooming can lead the way to a happier kitty!

At Bowser’s, we offer a range of cat grooming services that are much the same as dogs! Cat grooming always requires two groomers.

*NOTE: None of our cat grooming options use sedation.

Cats who need fur clipping of any kind MUST be bathed and dried first. Our cat grooming tools do not like dirty fur!

Available Cat Grooming Services

    • Bath & Tidy
      This is a great option for cats with any fur type who are just a tad smelly and need a quick freshening up! People are shocked to hear how much cats generally enjoy the bath!


    • De-Shedding
      This will save your couch, your carpets, your jeans, and your husbands allergies! We start with a bath and spend the extra time brushing out all that extra dead fur underneath to leave your cat nice and smooth! The process can be fairly lengthy but well worth it!


    • Lion Cut
      A proper ‘Lion Cut’ leaves fur ONLY on the head, lower legs, and tail. the main portion of the body is left naked! We have found that cats LOVE this clip because they feel so free! Owners claim their kitties are wanting to be petted even more because everything feels so neat on their naked skin! It is also neat to guess what color your cats skin pigmentation is underneath the fur!


  • Brush Out
    This is good for those kitties who DO NOT need a bath, but have long fur and need some basic brushing. We have a lot of clients who simply cannot brush their cat! Quick, easy and painless we can brush out most small tangles and knots! Nails will also be trimmed.



Cat grooming prices are based on many factors. It is easiest to stop by or phone and describe your pets ideal spa day!

Matting Policy

We must first express how matting is so very avoidable; however, it does happen much more often with cats than dogs. Mostly because a lot of people do not know cat grooming is possible, even for your 100 year old mouser barn cat!

Matting is very serious for cats. They have very thin little skin and the clenching fur is hurting them, and ultimately damaging their overall health. Mats make it difficult for the cat to be comfortable, and in extreme cases: move, walk, eat and pee!

At Bowser’s we use the utmost precautions when removing the mats. It is a very serious and dangerous task, especially if the cat is intolerable to the idea. We use protective equipment, such as a ‘ball’ to cover their faces, to aid the cat and as well to keep the groomers safe. Owners will be notified if their cat has matting and needs special attention right away and the groomer will discuss options that best suit the animal.