Matting Policy

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Mats can cause issues with pet’s skin because there is lack of Oxygen underneath.This can cause irritation, redness, hot spots, dry itchy skin and also make a breeding space for pests such as dog lice, fleas, and maggots. If matting becomes extensive covering the majority of the pets body the area is deemed a Pelt. Pelted pets are usually in pain while the pelt is on their body.

Pelts form when the mats are left untreated. Fur clenches tighter and tighter, like grabbing a fist full of hair, making it hard for the pet to do basic things; walk, pee, sleep, play, scratch. In most cases the pet is relieved to have this fur removed and starts scratching, licking, and ‘purring’ toward the groomer as their skin can finally feel again!

Removing a pelt is no cake walk…it is usually a very tricky and delicate task. The pet has to be very patient and cooperative as we have to use very sharp tools which are very close to their skin.

We will not pick out or brush out mats that are unable to be removed in a humane manner.

If pet feels pain toward the mats, the owner will be called and the situation explained. Then the owner will need to decide whether to take the pet home and de-mat the pet themself, or allow us to do what is best for the pet and remove them in a safer, more humane way by shaving or cutting them out. If fur is too badly matted to a pelt status, it will be shaved without question as it is best for the animal.

If your pet has mats or is pelted, please do not be embarrassed or assume you are a bad pet owner! We can help and WANT to do what is best! PLEASE phone and book your appointment so we can help your puppy be fluffy again!